Self-Direction Workshops (Harvey)

March 21, 2017
10:00 AM
Jane O'Brien Chatelain West Bank Regional
2751 Manhattan Boulevard
Harvey, LA
Have you considered self-directing your waiver services, but thought it might be too difficult? Have you wondered how self-direction would benefit your family? Do you know what self-direction really means? If you have any of these, or other questions about self-direction, you have the opportunity to get answers from someone who is directing their own services at one of 44 workshops sponsored by the Louisiana Developmental Disabilities Council.

The Council is sponsoring these workshops across the state where one family or self-advocate will share their personal experience with self-direction, including how their family benefits and manages the responsibilities. Almost all of the workshops are co-hosted by the Regional Families Helping Families Center.

Information on the first two workshops scheduled is listed below. Stay tuned for additional workshops coming soon to a location near you.
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