Today, Gov. John Bel Edwards traveled to Shreveport, LA to hold a fifth round of meetings with Louisiana business leaders and local elected officials as part of a series of meetings on budget and fiscal reform. Gov. Edwards is leading frank, bipartisan discussions around the state to generate consensus on strategies to stabilize the state budget long-term and solutions to avoid the more than $1 billion fiscal cliff looming on July 1, 2018.

 “Today’s meeting was both enlightening and productive in many ways,” said Gov. Edwards. “I appreciate the candor with which ideas were offered by a wide range of leaders who are clearly invested in the success of their communities and this state.  They understand the gravity of our financial problems and are committed to finding viable solutions to address them. Party affiliations aside, it will take input from many people to develop a plan to stabilize our state budget. The necessary steps won’t always be the easiest to take, but by working together we can improve our future and prevent serious harm from being inflicted on our citizens which could happen if we don’t resolve this looming crisis. The information shared today will be taken under serious consideration, and I remain confident that there is a willingness to move Louisiana forward.”

Commissioner of Administration Jay Dardenne and Kimberly Lewis Robinson, Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Revenue joined the governor in today’s meeting. Meetings were previously held in Alexandria, Houma Baton Rouge and New Orleans. The governor plans to hold additional meetings in other cities in the near future.

Participants in Shreveport were:

Kristen Brown
Brown Builders

Wayne Brown
Brown Builders

Mike Collier
Manpower Temporary Services

Carlton Golden
Builders Supply

Chris Elberson
Somdal Associates, LLC

Robert Dean
Heard McElroy & Vestal

Ian McElroy
McElroy Metal

Joyce Jeffery
Summit Executive Realty

Trey Smith
Ivan Smith Furniture

Scott Bates
Lamb & Associates

Jim Broughton
Data Weld, Inc.

Cameron Jones
Jones Environmental

David Montgomery, Jr.
Montgomery Insurance Agency

Walt Bigby
Innovative Office/ Riverbend Rehab

Tom Jones
Jones Brothers

Jim Johnson
Johnson Furniture

John Michael Moore
Haynesville Mercantile

Loy Moore
Haynesville Mercantile

Robert Mills
Calumet Refinery

Harvey McInnis
McInnis Brothers

Dr. Steen Trawick
Christus Health System

Jason Smith
Citizens National Bank

Doyle Adams
Elizabeth Baptist Church of Benton

Sam Gregorio
Gregorio, Chaffin, Johnson, Poolson & Tabor, LLC

Greg Morrison
Quality Transport

Mike Busada
Linden Management, LLC

Barry Busada
Linden Management, LLC