Today, Gov. John Bel Edwards announced that he signed the following bills into law:

ACT 329 – HB 49: To provide for the Mineral and Energy Operation Fund

ACT 330 – HB 56: Provides relative to the West Ascension Parish Hospital Service District

ACT 331 – HB 73: Provides for the use of fees collected by the marshal of the city of Hammond

ACT 332 – HB 93: Authorizes an immediate family member of a qualified law enforcement officer to purchase his duty firearm upon death

ACT 333 – HB 224: Dedicates state sales and use taxes levied on hotel rooms in residences in Orleans Parish into the New Orleans Quality of Life Fund

ACT 334 – HB 241: Expands requirements within driver education and prelicensing training courses

ACT 335 – HB 243: Changes "school bus driver" to "school bus operator" in Title 17

ACT 336 – HB 300: Provides relative to the amount of the research and development tax credit and authorizes transferability of the credit under certain circumstances 

ACT 337 – HB 309:  Provides relative to rights of victims of criminal offenses

ACT 338 – HB 313:  Authorizes eligibility for the inventory tax credit for certain property held by persons engaged in the short term rental of such items

ACT 339 – HB 319: Designates a portion of Louisiana Highway 1 as the "Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Highway"

ACT 340 – HB 396:  Provides for the effectiveness and applicability of the state sales and use tax exclusion for sales of gold, silver, or numismatic coins, and platinum, gold, or silver bullion

ACT 341 – HB 412: Authorizes the possession and application of sunscreen at public schools

ACT 342 – HB 427: Provides relative to the tax credit for certain medical providers 

ACT 343 – HB 437: Authorizes an alternative method of instruction for the classroom portion of approved prelicensing training courses

ACT 344 – HB 446: Provides relative to confidentiality of certain taxpayer information

ACT 345 – HB 454:  Extends the sunset and provides for the amount of the Angel Investor Tax Credit

ACT 346 – HB 460:  Authorizes the state fire marshal to purchase a specified group insurance policy for the benefit of certain volunteer members of fire companies

ACT 347 – HB 470: Authorizes the transfer of certain state property in St. Tammany Parish

ACT 348 – HB 486: Provides relative to the state central registry for child abuse and neglect

ACT 349 – HB 492: Provides for an independent claims review process within the Medicaid managed care program 

ACT 350 – HB 495:  Authorizes the transfer of certain state property in Bossier Parish

ACT 351 – HB 531: Prohibits the use of tobacco products on school property

ACT 352 – HB 555: Provides relative to the corporate income tax deduction for certain dividend income

ACT 353 – HB 584: Creates a special fund for the purpose of funding early childhood education in Louisiana

ACT 354 – HB 589: Authorizes the governing authorities of municipalities to regulate the accumulation of waste tires on residential property

ACT 355 – HB 590: Provides for a review of and recommendation on certain dedicated funds

ACT 356 – HB 596: Provides relative to the contracting authority of the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority

ACT 357 – HB 618: Authorizes the Coastal Protection and Restoration Financing Corporation to finance payments from the RESTORE Act and Natural Resources Damages Act

ACT 358 – HB 639: Excludes compensation earned by certain out-of-state employees and nonresident businesses for disaster or emergency-related work performed during disaster periods from state income tax

ACT 359 – HB 678: Provides relative to prenatal neglect and reporting thereof

ACT 360 – HB 691: Provides relative to the Statewide Flood-Control Program

ACT 361 – SB 232: Provides relative to funds and state funds.

ACT 362 – HB 506: Provides relative to juvenile records and proceedings

ACT 363 – HB 560: Provides with respect to legislative continuance

ACT 364 – HB 616: Provides relative to time requirements and responsibilities of public school governing authorities with regard to student assessments

ACT 365 – HB 20:  Provides relative to exemptions from the requirements for school instructional time under certain circumstances

ACT 366 – HB 33: Provides relative to legislative staff attendance at executive sessions of the boards of trustees of state and statewide retirement systems

ACT 367 – HB 211: Provides relative to business filings with the secretary of state

ACT 368 – HB 304: Expands definition of "racketeering activity" to include armed robbery and armed robbery or attempted armed robbery committed with a firearm

ACT 369 – HB 341: Amends laws relative to behavioral health and mental health to provide for current practice and appropriate terminology

ACT 370 – HB 395: Amends the procedures for involuntary mental health treatment

ACT 371 – HB 423: Authorizes the secretary of the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality to establish and administer a water quality trading program

ACT 372 – HB 450: Provides relative to the Upper Audubon Security District in Orleans Parish

ACT 373 – HB 483: Provides relative to disclosure of data maintained by the Louisiana Tumor Registry and for a cancer investigation initiative

ACT 374 – SB 1: Renames the Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts as the Jimmy D. Long, Sr. Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts.

ACT 375 – SB 25:  Sunsets the individual income tax education credit.

ACT 376 – SB 54: Provides relative to exploited children.

ACT 377 – SB 95: Changes the rebate for donations to certain school tuition organizations to a nonrefundable income tax credit.

ACT 378 – SB 97:  Provides relative to the sales and use tax exemption for feed, seed, and fertilizer used by commercial farmers. 

ACT 379 – SB 102: Creates and provides for Louisiana Educational Workforce Training Fund to provide opportunities for educational training in the Louisiana Community and Technical College System. 

ACT 380 – SB 117: Requires certain insurance producers to maintain professional liability insurance

ACT 381 – SB 121: Provides relative to terminology of court-ordered and other mandatory examinations in civil and administrative matters and claims.

ACT 382 – SB 148: Creates the Waterway Dredging and Deepening Priorty Program.

ACT 383 – SB 170:  Provides relative to the use of student assessment data for school accountability purposes for the 2016-17 school year for parishes in declared disaster areas.

ACT 384 – SB 177:  Provides relative to the Motion Picture Tax Credit Program for the withholding of income tax for performance of services on a state-certified production.

ACT 385 – SB 182: Provides for the tax credit for ad valorem taxes paid on inventory by taxpayers included in one consolidated federal income tax return.

ACT 386 – SB 183: Provides termination dates for certain tax incentive and rebate programs.

ACT 387 – SB 187: Provides for establishment of a pilot evidence-based budget proposal process for mental health programs administered by the Louisiana Department of Health.

ACT 388 – SB 189: Provides for ethical standards for public servants.

ACT 389 – HB 26: Authorizes the transfer of certain property near Spanish Lake in Iberia Parish

ACT 390 – HB 162: Prohibits the filing of a false lien against state officers and state employees

ACT 391 – SB 222: Provides benefits for firemen and law enforcement officers who suffer a catastrophic injury resulting in permanent and total disability caused by an individual with the specific intent to kill an officer while the officer is engaged in the performance of his official duties.

ACT 392 – SB 225:  Creates the Louisiana Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Advisory Council (LaSTEM)

ACT 393 – SB 227: Creates and provides for the Bethany Convention Center Development District in East Baton Rouge Parish.

ACT 394 – SB 233: Requires BESE to award points to the school performance score of a school that offers certain programs.

ACT 395 – SB 241: Restores the sales and use tax exemption for dental devices.

ACT 396 – SB 248: Provides for an annual cap and a termination date for the musical and theatrical production income tax credit.

ACT 397 – SB 252: Provides for the allocation of the local avails of the automobile rental tax.

ACT 398 – SB 60: Designates portions of certain state highways in memory of certain police officers.

ACT 399 – SB 67:  Provides contract restrictions on public entities that fail to comply with audit requirements.

ACT 400 – SB 79: Removes the June 30, 2018, sunset provision and makes permanent reductions to certain income and corporation franchise tax credits.

ACT 401 – SB 98: Provides for the appropriation of incentive expenditures.

ACT 402 – SB 100: Provides for the requirement of the division of administration to produce a non-discretionary adjusted standstill budget.

ACT 403 – SB 172: Terminates certain tax credits as of January 1, 2019.

ACT 404 – SB 207: Limits the permissible uses of monies in the Saltwater Fish Research and Conservation Fund.

ACT 405 – SB 249: Provides for the disbursement of certain revenue from the Coastal Protection and Restoration Fund for hurricane protection purposes.

ACT 406 – HB 83: Authorizes an incarcerated defendant to appear at certain proceedings by way of simultaneous audio-visual transmission

ACT 407 – HB 210: Provides for the licensure of retired volunteer dentists

ACT 408 – HB 231: Allows the immediate family member of a mayor or governing authority member of a municipality with a population of five thousand or less or a legal entity in which the family member has an interest to enter into a transaction with the municipality subject to certain conditions 

ACT 409 – HB 244: Allows certain business records to be self-authenticated

ACT 410 – HB 324: Adds on track equipment as a railway vehicle considered for certain railroad crossing requirements 

ACT 411 – HB 98: Repeals the provision tying the Oil Field Site Restoration Fund fee to the payment of severance tax

ACT 412 – HB 128: Provides relative to regulations imposed by the Louisiana Public Service Commission on household goods carriers 

ACT 413 – HB 187: Terminates the solar energy systems tax credit and provides relative to the payment of claims for the tax credit for purchased systems

ACT 414 – HB 293: Provides relative to the limitation of liability of the state 

ACT 415 – HB 327: Establishes the Ascension Parish Courthouse Fund for the construction of a new courthouse for the Twenty-Third Judicial District Court and the Ascension Parish Court

ACT 416 – HB 398: Requires the budgeted amount and authorized positions for the current year to be placed adjacent to the appropriation and authorized positions for the next year in the General Appropriation Bill and other appropriation bills

ACT 417 – HB 402:  Provides for licensure and regulation of community-based care facilities

ACT 418 – HB 425: Removes the restriction against taxes paid under protest concerning claims for the ad valorem tax credit for certain offshore vessels 

ACT 419 – HB 439: Provides for continuous revisions to the Code of Civil Procedure and related provisions of the Revised Statutes 

ACT 420 – HB 459: Creates and provides for a task force on coordination of Medicaid fraud detection and prevention initiatives

ACT 421 – HB 461: Provides for severance tax exemptions for certain inactive and orphan wells

ACT 422 – HB 466: Provides relative to animal control 

ACT 423 – HB 557: Provides for criminal background checks relative to early learning centers, school employees, registered family child care providers and in-home providers

ACT 424 – HB 629: Adds certain polyroll tubing to the definition of farm equipment for purposes of the state sales and use tax exemption for certain farm equipment

ACT 425 – HB 689: Requires semiannual ground water reporting and parliamentary procedures for certain ground water conservation districts and regional bodies

ACT 426 – SB 180:  Restores the sales and use tax exemption for medical devices

ACT 427 – HB 145: Establishes an ad valorem property tax exemption for the surviving spouse of a person who died while performing their duties as an emergency medical responder, technician, or paramedic

ACT 428 – SB 140: Constitutional Amendment to exempt from ad valorem taxation certain property delivered to a construction site

ACT 429 – HB 354: Provides relative to the dedication of proceeds of the tax levied on motor fuels