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Jun 26, 2008
Governor Bobby Jindal Signs 75 Bills into Law

BATON ROUGE – Today, Governor Bobby Jindal announced that he has signed the following bills passed by the legislature into law:

HB 53 – Mills
This bill relates to emergency health care rendered by health care providers during a state of emergency.

HB 124 – Wooton
This bill amends penalty provisions related to malfeasance in office regarding incarcerated persons.

HB 139 – Henry
This bill relates to the destruction of certain inactive and closed domestic relations and adoption records.

HB 197 – Edwards
This bill allows school bus warranty repair work to be performed by repair facilities, authorized by the manufacturer or distributor, that are not school bus dealers.

HB 198 – Arnold
This bill authorizes an evaluation period for proposed changes to the Louisiana Uniform Construction Code.

HB 350 – Leger
This bill authorizes the Recovery School District to contract with for-profit providers for the operation of schools under its jurisdiction.

HB 370 – Henry
This bill prohibits the use of public funds for human cloning.

HB 399 – Wooton
This bill amends concealed handgun permit provisions.

HB 417 – Baldone
This bill relates to delinquent ad valorem taxes.

HB 463 – Trahan   
This bill relates to the retention period of schools transferred  to the Recovery School District and the reporting of information about such schools to the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education.

HB 466 – Richard
This bill limits an exception to the Louisiana Smokefree Air Act, which allows smoking in designated rooms of nursing homes.

HB 478 – H. Burns
This bill relates to the penalty for resisting an officer.

HB 492 – Richmond

This bill amends provisions of law regarding toxicology laboratories.

HB 534 – Arnold
This bill relates to administrative expenses for the Harbor Police Retirement System.

HB 591 – Danahay
This bill relates to salaries of certain members of the police department of the city of Sulphur.

HB 654 – Wooton    
This bill relates to offenses against property.

HB 704 – St. Germain
This bill relates to the authority of the LA Firefighter System board of trustees in determining the eligibility of survivor benefits.

HB 718 – Trahan

This bill provides for leave granted to public school employees who become employed in charter schools.

HB 723 – Arnold
This bill allows members of the Firefighters Pension and Relief Fund of NOLA to purchase additional retirement benefits of up to five years of service.

HB 964 – Arnold
This bill clarifies deferred retirement option plan (DROP) participation provisions for certain members of the Harbor Police Retirement System (Port of New Orleans).

HB 970 – Honey
This bill authorizes holiday pay of a fireman or policeman employed by a municipality with a population between 13,000 and 7,000 persons.

HB 976 – Arnold
This bill increases the accrual rate of retirement benefits for members with twelve or more years of service in the Firefighters' Pension and Relief Fund in the city of New Orleans.

HB 994 – Arnold
This bill provides for the conversion of leave upon regular retirement or entry into DROP for members of the Harbor Police Retirement System (Port of New Orleans).

HB 1112 – Smith
This bill expands the parish participation in the Westwego to Harvey Canal hurricane protection project.

HB 1113 – Monica
This bill increases the deposit threshold for out-of-state insurers that is required to do business in Louisiana, brining the code requirement in line with the national average for other states.

HB 1184 – Leger
This bill relates to certain private, nonprofit alumni organizations that support public higher education institutions fulfilling annual auditing requirements.

HB 1232 – Richard

This bill authorizes the postponement of the payment of ad valorem taxes after the declaration of an emergency.

HB 1247 – Richardson
This bill relates to classroom placement of children born on the same day.

HB 1325 – Dixon   
This bill relates to unclassified employees at public colleges and universities using up to two days of sick leave.

HB 1347 – A. Badon
This bill establishes the Student Scholarships for Educational Excellence Program.

SB 5 – Quinn
This bill relates to the Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corporation giving a preference for an insurance adjuster and underwriting work to Louisiana companies.

SB 74 – Shepherd
This bill relates to evidence from a traffic camera from becoming part of vehicle operator's driving record.

SB 76 – Gray
This bill relates to the restoration of parental rights.

SB 108 – Morrish

This bill places facilities subject to the Judicial Agency Referral Residential Facility Regulatory Act under the jurisdiction of the Department of Public Safety and Corrections.

SB 109 – Morrish
This bill relates to the cap on minor repairs, renovation, or construction projects for higher education institutions.

SB 112 – Heitmeier

This bill relates to the definition of “optometry.”

SB 122 – Dupre
This bill requires that after an insurance company is allowed to sever its property insurance policies, the Commissioner of Insurance will annually review the financial solvency of the company to determine when that insurance company can again begin writing new policies.

SB 154 – Cravins
This bill provides for the regulation of discount medical plans with the Commissioner of Insurance.

SB 155 – Cravins
This bill relates to the procedure for review of denied benefits by medical necessity review organizations.

SB 161 – Jackson
This bill relates to income assignment orders pertaining to child support payments.

SB 181 – Cassidy
This bill allows boards for trustees to require payment of additional employer contributions.

SB 201 – Alario

This bill relates to the definition of earnable compensation for any pay received by a bus driver for school-related extracurricular activities.

SB 228 – Heitmeier
This bill relates to standards for crisis receiving centers.

SB 230 – Mount
This bill allows the Louisiana Association of Chiefs of Police Emergency Task Force to render mutual aid under certain conditions.

SB 238 – Cassidy
This relates to expedited partner therapy.

SB 343 – Duplessis
This bill extends the sunset for confidentiality of economic development negotiations.

SB 382 – Martiny
This bill relates to the continuous revision of the criminal code pertaining to probation programs.

SB 391 – Gray

This bill increases the annual accrual rate for New Orleans firefighters.

SB 423 – Cravins
This bill creates the missing senior citizen and person with development disabilities alert program known as the "Silver Alert."

SB 432 – LaFleur
This bill clarifies rules regarding the misrepresentation in insurance policy applications.

SB 444 – Hebert
This bill adds clarification to existing law related to the Louisiana Insurance Guaranty Association (LIGA).

SB 445 – Smith

This bill clarifies current Department of Revenue regulations implementing the Industry Assistance Program as a tax exemption program versus a tax rebate program.

SB 473 – Jackson

This bill relates to school employees extended sick leave.

SB 475 – Gray

This bill relates to transportation service agreements between charter schools and local school boards.

SB 478 – Murray
This bill relates to service credit in the Sheriffs' Pension and Relief Fund.

SB 482 – Cassidy
This bill allows students in nonpublic high schools and home school programs to participate in dual enrollment.

SB 510 – Amedee
This bill doubles the minimum penalty for computer-aided solicitation of minors.

SB 517 – Amedee

This bill increases the duration and notification period for convicted sex offenders.

SB 520 – Morrish

This bill relates to collection activities on sales taxes, interest and penalties owed on manufactured homes that were not properly immobilized.

SB 537 – Nevers   
This bill relates to credits earned in secondary and postsecondary educational institutions.

SB 538 – Hebert
This bill removes the Louisiana Insurance Guaranty Association from the process of approving bundled Citizens insurance policies.

SB 548 – Nevers
This bill requires BESE to develop a teacher exit interview system for school boards.

SB 555 – Hebert
This bill relates to LIGA having oversight review of any application for certificate of authority of insurers.

SB 569 – Morrish
This bill creates the Manufactured Home Tax Fairness Fund for the deposit of an amount equal to the amount of tax, penalty, and interest paid since January 1, 2005 on the purchase of manufactured homes.

SB 588 – Cravins
This bill (like SB 44) also authorizes a “third invitation” for grants under the Insure Louisiana Incentive Program and requires unused money from the program be used for a Homeowner Policy Premium Assistance Program.

SB 682 – Shaw
This bill relates to the Louisiana Sexual Assault Task Force.

SB 695 – LaFleur
This bill relieves part of the paperwork burden for small Louisiana-based insurers.

SB 718 – Martiny
This bill relates to financial disclosure requirements of members of state boards and commissions.

SB 733 – Nevers
This bill allows local school systems to approve the use of supplemental instructional materials for teaching science classes.

SB 734 – Jackson
This bill increases the number of Shreveport city council nominees for its Downtown Development District.

SB 742 – Cheek
This bill allows a fireman or police officer to designate a trustee to administer the survivor benefits payable to his child or children.

SB 764 – Dorsey

This bill relates to bank charges for non-sufficient funds.

SB 775 – Nevers

This bill relates to the crime of child endangerment under certain circumstances.

SB 787 – Walsworth

This bill authorizes police juries to adopt juvenile curfews.

SB 799 – McPherson
This bill prohibits quotas for law enforcement officers.

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