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Nov 07, 2013
Gov. Jindal Welcomes Pres. Obama to Louisiana, Dismantles Failed Policies of Federal Government, Urges Change of Course

BATON ROUGE – Governor Bobby Jindal held a press conference today to welcome President Obama’s visit to Louisiana and outline the failed policies during the President’s tenure in office. The Governor highlighted four policy areas – education, health care, energy, and economic growth – where the President has led Louisiana and the country down the wrong path. 
Note: Below are the Governor’s remarks as prepared for delivery. The Governor spoke off the cuff. 
“I want to welcome the President to Louisiana tomorrow.  It’s always good to have the President visit our state.  
“I wanted to simply share a few thoughts with you today about the first five years of this Presidency, the effect his policies have had on Louisiana and America, and specifically some things that I hope that he and his advisors might consider doing differently for these final three years.
“I’m going to focus my remarks today strictly on policies, not politics.   I’m going to mention policies that the President could adopt that would help our state and our country.
“First, on education policy.  The President famously said at his State of the Union address in 2010 that “the best anti-poverty program around is a world-class education. And in this country, the success of our children cannot depend more on where they live than on their potential.” He was right.  
“But that is not the reality in America today, and so far he has done nothing to change that.  In fact, in the case of Louisiana, he is attempting to do just the opposite.
“The President still has time and still has ample opportunity to fight for equal opportunity in education, in Louisiana, and in America.  
“I’ve invited him to come to Louisiana to visit with the parents and children who are benefitting from our reforms, but so far he has not accepted my offer.
“He will not face another election, so he has no need to appease the special interests that stand in the way.  
“He has a great opportunity to be a real reformer on education policy, and to do things that will really matter for our kids and for the success of our people and our country.
“Second, on health care policy.  Sometimes you just have to admit you were wrong. I’ve had to do it. We’ve all had to do it.  
“It is becoming clear, and it will become much more clear over the next months and years, that Obamacare is not smart policy and will not work.  
“There’s no real point in going through the specifics, the website is merely the tip of the iceberg here. 
“And of course the latest news that so far there are roughly 3.5 million Americans who are finding out that if they like their health care…too bad…they are going to lose it, with at least 92,000 people right here in Louisiana.  
“The real lasting problem however will be an overall reduction in the quality of care, and an increase the cost of care.  
“That is where this law is headed.  This is in stark contrast to the approach we are taking here in Louisiana with regard to health care reform.
“I do want to say this – the President’s diagnosis was correct – health care in America needed and needs reform.  
“Unfortunately, his prescription is bad medicine that will diminish the greatest health care in the world.  It’s never too late, this could all be fixed, if only one man would change his mind.
“Third, on energy policy.  Louisiana is a crucial piece of America’s energy solution, and this is something we know a great deal about.  
“And this is an area where great potential exists, and where there is great cause for optimism.
“We now know that America’s energy potential, and therefore our ability to become energy independent, is far greater than was previously understood.  
“Again, the President no longer has to appease the radical left, so he could simply do the smart and right thing and agree to build the Keystone pipeline.  
“There is simply no credible scientific or other case against it, and the pipeline would be a big job producer as well.
“The President should also repeal the recent EPA carbon standards for all new coal-fueled power plants, which threaten thousands of jobs in the coal industry and could drastically increase the price of electricity for nearly every American.  
“Again, this President could embrace these things, and he could leave a lasting legacy of putting America on the road toward energy independence.
“Fourth and finally, on growing the economy.  At present, everyone is Washington is fighting for more pieces of a pie that is not growing.  It’s a simple mathematical equation that will not work.  
“We keep increasing spending, adding entitlements, adding regulations, and adding taxes.  
“If the President wants to grow the American economy, he’s got to force government to do just the opposite.  
“If he cuts spending, reforms entitlement programs, reduces regulations, and cuts taxes – he could usher in a new era of growth that would do wonders for our national economy.  
“Today in Louisiana we have more people working than at any point in the history of our state.  
“Businesses are expanding, new companies are forming, and there are more on the way.   
“Instead of higher unemployment, the experts are forecasting shortages of workers in Louisiana in the years to come as we continue to attract more businesses investment. 
“Yes, all of this could happen across America.  The President has three years left.  If he pursued these policies, I believe a majority of both Republicans and Democrats would back him, and the country would back him.”
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