Today, Governor John Bel Edwards announced that he signed the following bills into law:

ACT 277 – SB 16: Provides relative to certain juveniles sentenced to life without parole

ACT278 – SB 50:  Provides relative to motor carriers and common carrier certificates or contract carrier permits by the LPSC

ACT 279 – SB 93: Excludes from repairs to tangible personal property and fabrication certain preparation and painting of certain aircraft for purposes of sales and use tax aircraft having an FAA registration address outside the state

ACT 280 – SB 139: Provides relative to criminal justice

ACT 281 – SB 220: Provides relative to penalties for certain offenses

ACT 282 – SB 221:   Provides relative to the cleansing period for certain crimes applicable to habitual offender penalty enhancements

ACT 283 – SB 3: Provides for the treasurer and the secretary of state to be members of the board of trustees

ACT 284 – SB 7: Provides for benefits for survivors of members killed in the line of duty by an intentional act of violence

ACT 285 – SB 8:  Provides for correction of membership and enrollment errors in the state and statewide retirement systems

ACT 286 – SB 17: Provides for driver education to include instruction on appropriate driver conduct when stopped by a law enforcement officer

ACT 287 – SB 63:  Provides for the classification of certain types of cancer as an occupational disease or infirmity connected with the duties of a firefighter

ACT 288 – SB 115: Creates the University Neighborhood Security and Improvement District in Orleans Parish

ACT 289 – SB 135: Creates the "Blue Star Mothers" special prestige license plate

ACT 290 – SB 137:  Authorizes a referendum election on the lease of certain lands owned by the city of Lake Charles

ACT 291 – SB 145: Provides relative to Tulane Legislative Scholarships

ACT 292 – HB 179: Provides relative to devices authorized for use by the Right To Try Act

ACT 293 – HB 113: Extends, with limitations, the authority of public postsecondary education management boards to establish and increase student fees

ACT 294 – HB 137: Provides relative to the filing of requests for medical review panels

ACT 295 – HB 161: Provides certain exceptions to the prohibition on wearing hoods, masks, and other facial disguises in public places

ACT 296 – HB 209: Establishes a licensure exemption for dental hygiene students

ACT 297 – HB 217: Provides relative to the regulation of unfair competition and unfair trade practices by vehicle mechanical breakdown insurers

ACT 298 – HB 238: Authorizes a request to suspend a license for nonpayment of child support to be made electronically

ACT 299 – HB 287: Provides for the return of unearned premium and notice of claim payments to the mortgagee

ACT 300 – HB 305: Provides for the regulation of the practice of physical therapy

ACT 301 – HB 306: Provides relative to pharmacy reimbursement by managed care organizations

ACT 302 – HB 338: Provides relative to the Louisiana Board of Examiners for Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology

ACT 303 – HB 401: Provides relative to the membership of the Veterans' Affairs Commission

ACT 304 – HB 404: Amends the Polysomnographic Practice Act

ACT 305 – HB 432: Imposes certain requirements on transactions executing the transfer of certificates of title of certain movable property

ACT 306 – HB 435: Requires a healthcare facility to provide notice of balance billing

ACT 307 – HB 455: Provides relative to sex offender registration and notification

ACT 308 – HB 491: Provides relative to advertisements and bids for the lease of public lands

ACT 309 – SB 254: Provides for the Motion Picture Production Tax Credit

ACT 310 – SB 83: Provides for a hotel occupancy tax in East Baton Rouge Parish.

ACT 311 – SB 246: Authorizes the New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board to sell its services to neighboring parishes.

ACT 312 – HB 624: Provides for revenue sharing distribution for Fiscal Year 2017-2018

ACT 313 – HB 664: Provides relative to the insurance premium tax credit

ACT 314 – HB 683: Provides relative to the reemployment of retirees of the Municipal Employees' Retirement System of La.

ACT 315 – HB 692: Provides relative to electronic verification of compulsory motor vehicle insurance