BATON ROUGE - Today, Governor John Bel Edwards announced that he signed the following bills into law:

ACT 406HB 204: Provides an exception for Jefferson Parish from certain time limitations on submission of information with public bids

ACT 407HB 809: Provides with respect to representation of indigent or absent parents

ACT 408HB 454: Provides for reporting, review, and approval by the Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget of certain professional, personal, and consulting service contracts

ACT 409HB 68: Authorizes the use of electronic signatures on temporary restraining orders and protective orders

ACT 410HB 78: Requires the executive director of each of the state and statewide retirement systems to file annual financial disclosure statements

ACT 411HB 197: Creates crime of failure to properly operate a child day care center

ACT 412HB 209: Repeals the sunset provision applicable to the Louisiana Scrap Metal Recyclers Law

ACT 413HB 292: Regulates the operation of abandoned cemeteries

ACT 414HB 471: Provides qualifications for the office of registrar of voters

ACT 415HB 579: Provides relative to the delivery of nutrition services

ACT 416HB 585: Requires lobbyists to report certain information

ACT 417HB 595: Provides relative to the delivery of nutrition services through telehealth

ACT 418HB 727: Specifies that the filing of certain supplemental lobbyist disclosure reports is not required during the registration renewal period

ACT 419HB 784: Provides relative to the capital outlay budget submission

ACT 420HB 1009: Requires certain public entities to provide a secure electronic interactive system for submission of competitive sealed bids and proposals as an alternative bidding option

ACT 421HB 1022: Provides for the suspension of certain sentences upon completion of reentry court

ACT 422HB 1059: Provides relative to the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Commission


Click here for a full list of bills signed into law for the 2016 Regular Legislative Session.