BATON ROUGE - Today, Governor John Bel Edwards announced that he signed the following bills into law:

ACT 282HB 85: Provides relative to the Broadmoor Crime Prevention and Improvement District in East Baton Rouge Parish

ACT 283HB 117: Provides relative to the classified police service in the city of Crowley  

ACT 284HB 138: Authorizes the governing authority of the city of DeRidder to create the classified competitive position of deputy fire chief

ACT 285HB 157: Provides relative to the classified police service in the city of DeRidder  

ACT 286HB 181: Re-creates the Department of Natural Resources

ACT 287HB 203: Provides relative to the Central Louisiana Regional Infrastructure Beltway Commission  

ACT 288HB 271: Provides relative to the regulation of used motor vehicles   

ACT 289HB 513: Provides relative to the audit of certain contracts with the Algiers Development District  

ACT 290HB 561: Provides relative to membership in the Zachary Taylor Parkway District and Commission

ACT 291HB 636: Amends the public oyster seed ground vessel permit

ACT 292HB 731: Creates the Capital Heights Crime Prevention and Improvement District in East Baton Rouge Parish

ACT 293HB 747: Allows cease and desist orders to be issued to persons contracted or licensed by the Dept. of Public Safety and Corrections, public safety services, to administer skills tests

ACT 294HB 786: Provides relative to annexation ordinances adopted by municipalities  

ACT 295HB 998: Provides relative to payment of group health insurance premium costs for retirees of Assumption Parish Sheriff's Office

ACT 296HB 1010: Changes the annual royalty fee for the "Lung Cancer Alliance" special prestige motor vehicle license plate  

ACT 297HB 1068: Provides relative to the regulation of gas fitters and master gas fitters

ACT 298SB 377: Requires National Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline information to be posted at hotels

ACT 299SB 161: Provides for exceptions from the retail seafood dealer's license

ACT 300SB 107: Provides for the re-creation of the Department of Health and Hospitals and changes the name to Louisiana Department of Health

ACT 301SB 313: Provides relative to the Council on the Status of Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

ACT 302SB 326: Provides relative to reporting of child abuse and neglect

ACT 303SB 335: Prohibits charter schools from requiring disclosure of certain student information and provides for the submission of petitions by certain students with exceptionalities

ACT 304HB 606: Prohibits entities that perform abortions from receiving public funding for any purpose

ACT 305HB 662: Provides for a fee on emergency ground ambulance service providers

ACT 306HB 906: Provides relative to postsecondary education services for homeless and foster youth


Click here for a full list of bills signed into law for the 2016 Regular Legislative Session.