Today, Governor John Bel Edwards announced that he signed the following bills into law:

ACT 57HB 1047: Supplemental appropriations for Fiscal Year 2015-2016

ACT 67HB 616: Appropriates funds for the expenses of the judiciary for Fiscal Year 2016-2017

ACT 77HB 1049: Makes appropriations for the expenses of the legislature for FY 2016-2017

ACT 505HB 702: Provides for the issuance of REAL ID compliant special identification cards

ACT 506HB 171: Requires birthing centers, hospitals, and licensed midwives to offer information to parents of newborns on shaken baby syndrome and sudden unexpected infant death

ACT 507HB 283: Requires screening of newborns for Krabbe disease

ACT 508HB 614: Provides for the electronic transmission of voting materials and procedures and requirements for voting absentee using such materials

ACT 509HB 802: Creates a procedure for designating certain crimes in the court minutes as a crime of violence and provides relative to the benefits and restrictions based on such designation

ACT 510HB 1066: Authorizes political subdivisions, governmental entities, or state agencies to purchase items through an existing public contract of another political subdivision

ACT 511HB 1160: Provides relative to construction projects undertaken by nonprofit corporations that support the Louisiana Community and Technical College System

ACT 512HB 32: Authorizes payment of a benefit increase, funded by state retirement system experience accounts, to certain retirees and beneficiaries of such systems

ACT 513SB 373: Provides relative to the Washington Parish Reservoir District

ACT 514SB 412: Authorizes creation of special districts within certain cities and provides for the governance and the powers and duties of the district, including tax increment finance authority

ACT 515SB 421: Provides relative to the licensure of plumbers

ACT 516 SB 447: Provides relative to leases or subleases of immovable property owned, leased or controlled by a public benefit corporation

ACT 517SB 49: Requires approval of the Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget before certain salary increases to unclassified employees in the executive branch are effective in the last ninety days of an administration

ACT 518SB 64: Provides an exception for an attorney serving on a civil service commission

ACT 519SB 195: Authorizes DOTD to solicit and enter into public-private partnership contracts

ACT 520SB 207: Provides for legislation relative to the Louisiana Local Government Budget Act

ACT 521SB 257: Provides relative to underground storage tanks and the Motor Fuels Underground Storage Tank Trust Fund

ACT 522SB 317: Provides relative to student behavior and discipline, including the use of seclusion and physical restraint to address the behavior of students with exceptionalities

ACT 523SB 353: Provides for the Louisiana Expectant and Parenting Students Act

ACT 524SB 388: Provides relative to agreements for drilling units

ACT 525SB 398: Exempts video or audio recordings generated by law enforcement body-worn cameras from Public Records Law

ACT 526SB 427: Provides for powers and duties of the commissioner of conservation

ACT 527SB 131: Limits costs for pharmacists services

ACT 528SB 137: Provides for boundaries, board membership and tax authority of the Baton Rouge North Economic Development District and a hotel occupancy tax in East Baton Rouge Parish

ACT 529SB 141: Provides relative to crimes involving the use of unmanned aircraft systems

ACT 530SB 158: Provides relative to marine products

ACT 531SB 179: Prohibits the trafficking in human remains

ACT 532SB 251: Prohibits certain Wi-Fi "hotspot" blocking

ACT 533SB 259: Provides relative to the Louisiana Real Estate License Law

ACT 534SB 309: Amends supervision requirements for certain addictive disorder practitioners in certain custodial environments

ACT 535SB 379: Requires oncoming traffic on a two lane road with a continuous left turn lane to stop for school buses

ACT 536SB 395: Provides relative to the Louisiana State Law Institute

ACT 537SB 466: Provides a procedure for the LSU Board of Supervisors and the commissioner of administration to seek approval from the JLCB and the legislature to proceed with the sale of a hospital

ACT 538HB 145: Provides for the issuance of a certificate of employability by a reentry division of court under certain circumstances

ACT 539HB 19: Prohibits use of an unmanned aircraft system to conduct surveillance or collect information about a school, school premises, or correctional facilities

ACT 540HB 111: Designates a bridge located on Louisiana Highway 4 as the "Chief Warrant Officer Bryan Henderson Memorial Bridge"

ACT 541HB 140: Adds current and retired attorney generals and designated assistant attorneys general to list of officials who can carry concealed weapons

ACT 542HB 158: Provides relative to the secretary for the municipal fire and police civil service board in the city of Lafayette

ACT 543HB 223: Provides with respect to illegal carrying of weapons

ACT 544HB 286: Provides for revisions to the Trust Code

ACT 545HB 335: Provides for the establishment of an unmanned aerial system registration and licensing fees

ACT 546HB 383: Provides relative to the per diem paid to members of the board of commissioners of waterworks districts located in certain parishes

ACT 547HB 385: Creates the crime of providing false, nonexistent, or incomplete declaration of residence for bail

ACT 548HB 429: Provides with respect to the purchasing of materials, equipment, and supplies by public school districts

ACT 549HB 538: Provides relative to court reporter fees on appeal matters and transcript contracts

ACT 550HB 557: Provides for the licensing of acupuncturists

ACT 551HB 608: Increases the fee imposed by the Louisiana Tax Commission for the mandated assessment of public service properties

ACT 552HB 859: Provides relative to the appointment and removal of employees of the municipal fire and police civil service

ACT 553HB 870: Provides for revisions relative to the Louisiana Accountancy Act

ACT 554 HB 876: Provides for certain commercial filings to be submitted electronically

ACT 555HB 880: Authorizes the Lafourche Parish School Board to levy and collect an additional sales and use tax

ACT 556HB 936: Provides relative to entities authorized to provide services related to motor vehicles

ACT 557HB 947: Requires certain state entities to report to the legislature information concerning administration of the entities

ACT 558HB 948: Provides relative to facilities of public postsecondary education institutions

ACT 559HB 965: Provides relative to the disclosure of information regarding certain contracts with the state or political subdivisions for the purposes of Tier 3 annual financial disclosure statements

ACT 560HB 992: Amends certain definitions for purposes of sex offender registration and notification requirements

ACT 561HB 994: Provides relative to contracts for additional housing for individuals in the custody of the DPS&C

ACT 562HB 1008: Amends the sex offender registration and notification form used by courts

ACT 563HB 1019: Prohibits abortion based on genetic abnormality

ACT 564HB 1060: Provides relative to the Sales Tax Streamlining and Modernization Commission

ACT 565HB 1080: Authorizes certain parish governing authorities to enact ordinances relative to the removal of deleterious growths, trash, debris, and other noxious matter

ACT 566HB 1086: Provides relative to contract limits for certain public contracts

ACT 567HB 1099: Provides relative to the assessment of a license fee imposed by the Department of Agriculture and Forestry for the production of marijuana for therapeutic use

ACT 568HB 1120: Creates the Louisiana Tax Institute within the Dept. of Revenue as an advisory body on tax related matters

ACT 569HB 1121: Establish notification and reporting requirements relative to retail sales made in Louisiana by remote retailers

ACT 570HB 1130: Allows for dual leasing of water bottoms for oyster cultivation and harvest

ACT 571HB 1137: Provides with respect to indigent defense

ACT 572HB 1149: Provides relative to the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East and Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-West Bank

ACT 573HB 1151: Provides relative to notice and appeal of a change in coverage of medically necessary prescription drugs and intravenous infusions

ACT 574HB 1153: Provides relative to certain regulations affecting boilers

ACT 575SB 135: Authorizes political subdivisions to open proceedings with voluntary prayer

ACT 576SB 177: Provides relative to reports on special funds in the state treasury

ACT 577SB 230: Provides relative to the Health Education Authority of Louisiana (HEAL)

ACT 578SB 241: Provides right of access to autopsy records, coroner's reports and similar documents

ACT 579SB 323: Provides with respect to fuel sales at qualified truck stop facilities which operate video draw poker devices

ACT 580SB 338: Provides for the protection of vulnerable adults from financial exploitation

ACT 581SB 406: Provides relative to the judicial district indigent defender fund

ACT 582SB 425: Dedicates the annual assessment on an operator who chooses not to plug an inactive well

ACT 583SB 428: Dedicates certain funds to oilfield site-specific trust accounts in order to provide for oilfield site restoration

ACT 584SB 429: Provides for the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners

ACT 585SB 435: Provides relative to the theft of animals

ACT 586SB 443: Provides for mandatory meetings of the Health and Social Services Estimating Conference for purposes of developing budget recommendations for the Medicaid program

ACT 587SB 460:  Provides for the disposition and reporting on fees and self-generated revenues by state agencies and the state treasurer


Click here for a full list of bills signed into law for the 2016 Regular Legislative Session.