BATON ROUGE - Today, Governor John Bel Edwards announced that he signed the following bills into law:

ACT 47HB 215: Provides for the ancillary expenses of state government

ACT 621HB 14: Replaces the chairman of the House Committee on Retirement with a member of the House Committee on Retirement appointed by the speaker of the House of Representatives as trustee on each state and statewide retirement system board

ACT 622HB 92: Repeals the warrant recall fees collected to fund a misdemeanor jail in East Baton Rouge Parish

ACT 623HB 369: Requires the submission of redistricting plans in a specified format to the secretary of state

ACT 624HB 401: Provides relative to instruction in personal financial education

ACT 625HB 481: Provides relative to the issuance and possession of drivers' licenses

ACT 626HB 529: Provides for the compensation of a deputy parish custodian of voting machines

ACT 627HB 537: Provides relative to applicable fees and costs incurred for the production of records

ACT 628HB 539: Authorizes the use of human biological matter for purposes of training cadaver dogs

ACT 629HB 556: Provides a three-year liberative prescriptive period for actions arising from cases of rape

ACT 630HB 570: Provides relative to the practice of telemedicine

ACT 631HB 600: Provides for the Municipal and Traffic Court of New Orleans

ACT 632HB 625: Provides relative to transporters of hazardous material

ACT 633HB 631: Provides for types of tires and penalties for failure to comply with the Waste Tire Program

ACT 634HB 632: Provides for financial security required by applicants for drilling permits

ACT 635HB 635: Adds the use of unmanned aircraft systems as elements of certain crimes involving the invasion of privacy

ACT 636HB 642: Provides relative to the Louisiana State Board of Examiners in Dietetics and Nutrition

ACT 637HB 667: Provides relative to distribution of alcoholic beverages

ACT 638HB 689: Provides relative to indigent defense services in certain city courts

ACT 639HB 696: Establishes the Revenue Stabilization Trust Fund

ACT 640HB 710: Changes the time period in which cigarettes must be stamped

ACT 641HB 711: Provides relative to release of legislative audits

ACT 642HB 719: Provides relative to transportation of children to be admitted to a treatment facility under a physician's emergency commitment certificate

ACT 643HB 766: Provides relative to sustainable energy financing districts

ACT 644HB 773: Provides for court costs collected in criminal cases

ACT 645HB 792: Provides relative to the regulation of massage therapists

ACT 646HB 830: Provides relative to criminal background checks for owners, employees, volunteers, and inspectors of early learning centers

ACT 647HB 856: Provides a limitation of liability for landowners who grant a right of passage to cemeteries

ACT 675HB 922: Revises provider fees assessed on nursing homes by the Department of Health and Hospitals

ACT 676HB 1052: Creates the Swift And Certain Probation Pilot Program


Click here for a full list of bills signed into law for the 2016 Regular Legislative Session.