BATON ROUGE - Today, Governor John Bel Edwards announced that he signed the following bills into law:

ACT 307HB 226: Provides relative to revocation or suspension of a video draw poker device license for certain violations

ACT 308HB 254: Provides with respect to certain electronic tracking devices

ACT 309HB 388: Provides for the filiation of children

ACT 310HB 671: Provides relative to redispensing of drugs in correctional facility pharmacies  

ACT 311HB 680: Requires healthcare services providers to conduct background checks on prospective employees  

ACT 312HB 746: Provides for licensing and regulation of insurance consultants by the commissioner of insurance

ACT 313HB 796: Provides relative to the dissolution of municipalities

ACT 314HB 842: Provides for the consolidation of certain boards and commissions into the Board of Regents

ACT 315HB 865: Provides relative to licensing of insurance producers

ACT 316HB 1038: Provides relative to valuation of life insurance reserves

ACT 317HB 1138: Provides for the issuance and requirement of a Class "E" temporary instructional permit for driver's education students

ACT 318HB 1143: Defines autonomous technology for purposes of the Highway Regulatory Act

ACT 319SB 6: Provides relative to contributions of members out of service for five years

ACT 320SB 7: Provides relative to certain purchases of service credit

ACT 321SB 8: Provides relative to deferred retirement option plan subaccount disbursements

ACT 322SB 12: Removes redundant provisions of law and makes technical changes

ACT 323SB 16: Provides for a benefit for survivors of members of the Sheriff'sPension and Relief Fund killed in the line of duty by an intentional violent act

ACT 324SB 22: To change the chair of the Multimodal Commerce Advisory Commission to the commissioner of multimodal commerce

ACT 325SB 31: Provides relative to the Greater Krotz Springs Port Commission

ACT 326SB 50: Amends definition of autocycle applicable to operator's helmet exemption and driver's license endorsement requirement

ACT 327SB 58: Repeals certain requirements relative to home service contract providers

ACT 328SB 60: Provides relative to the crime of organized

ACT 329SB 74: Provides relative to the official logo for state products and authorizes civil penalties

ACT 330SB 75: Repeals the Pest Control Compact

ACT 331SB 82: Creates the Cameron Parish Port, Harbor, and Terminal District

ACT 332SB 84: Provides relative to the sanctions for engaging in political activities for municipal fire and police civil service classified employees

ACT 333SB 94: Enacts Louisiana Uniform Adult Guardianship Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction Act

ACT 334SB 96: Repeals the expungement fee assessed by Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court


Click here for a full list of bills signed into law for the 2016 Regular Legislative Session.