BATON ROUGE - Today, Governor John Bel Edwards announced that he signed the following bills into law:

ACT 335 – HB 978: Provides for administration, disposition, enforcement, and adjudication of state and local taxes under the jurisdiction of the Board of Tax Appeals

ACT 336 – SB 100: Includes trailer safety education in driver's education courses and materials

ACT 337 – SB 102: Provides relative to firearm-free zones

ACT 338 – SB 114: Requires approval by the governing board for any salary adjustments or cost of living adjustments for employees or board members of certain boards under the authority of the Department of Health and Hospitals and employees of certain human service districts

ACT 339 – SB 117: Provides for the Medicaid Pharmaceutical and Therapeutics Committee

ACT 340 – SB 153: Removes certain provisions regarding prosecution of the possession of a firearm with obliterated, removed, changed or altered number or mark which were declared unconstitutional

ACT 341 – SB 154: Repeals certain provisions relative to jury trials that were declared unconstitutional

ACT 342 – SB 165: Requires landowner notification when an operator transfers an oil or gas well and provides for orphaned oilfield sites

ACT 343 – SB 180: Provides exemption from prosecution for anyone lawfully in possession of medical marijuana

ACT 344 – SB 210: Provides relative to behavioral health services

ACT 345 – SB 217: Provides for the confidentiality of records disclosed to or by the commissioner of insurance during the course of an insurance receivership

ACT 346 – SB 319: Provides relative to advanced police and service dog training programs

ACT 347 – SB 355: Requires contracts to comply with local public school board policy

ACT 348 – SB 357: Requires posting of notification of red light camera locations

ACT 349 – SB 381: Provides for appointment of ex officio notaries for the Causeway Police Department

ACT 350 – SB 453: Adds Medicaid fraud to crimes governed by racketeering laws

ACT 351 – SB 376: Creates the Louisiana Family Caregiver Act

ACT 352 – HB 42: Provides for time limitations for prosecution of video voyeurism

ACT 353 – HB 141: Provides for the content of actuarial notes

ACT 354 – HB 182: Provides with respect to the possession of alcoholic beverages by persons under the age of 21 years

ACT 355 – HB 232: Adds limitation of liability provisions to the Right To Try Act

ACT 356 – HB 293: Increases the maximum per diem authorized to be paid to members of the board of commissioners of gas utility districts located in certain parishes

ACT 357 – HB 398: Provides relative to the application of certain limitations on the admissibility of character evidence in civil cases

ACT 358 – HB 470: Provides that an appeal of an evaluation of a registrar of voters is conducted by the State Board of Elections Supervisors

ACT 359 – HB 486: Provides for administrative hearings for property or assets frozen by the Department of Children and Family Services

ACT 360 – HB 593: Provides relative to the appointment of registrars of voters

ACT 361 – HB 627: Provides relative to court costs in Mayor's Courts

ACT 362 – HB 640: Authorizes the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority Board to develop a natural resource damages restoration bank program and oil spill compensation schedule

ACT 363 – HB 709: Authorizes the insurance commissioner to appoint employees of the Department of Insurance as ex officio notaries

ACT 364 – HB 712: Provides relative to assignment of students with exceptionalities to schools requested by their parents

ACT 365 – HB 758: Provides relative to school bus inspection fees

ACT 366 – HB 844: Provides for an extension of driving privileges pending hearing by a court

ACT 367 – HB 915: Provides relative to the sale of policies issued by the Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corporation

ACT 368 – HB 918: Provides relative to background checks for persons applying for licensure by the La. State Board of Practical Nurse Examiners

ACT 369 – HB 934: Provides relative to judicial review of administrative decisions rendered by the La. State Board of Dentistry

ACT 370 – HB 1007: Provides relative to the storing and dispensing of naloxone and other opioid antagonists

ACT 371 – HB 1016: Authorizes ready-mixed concrete trucks to exceed the maximum permissible gross vehicle weight, under certain conditions, until 2018

ACT 372 – HB 1031: Provides relative to certain investments in Real Estate Investment Trusts by domestic insurers

ACT 373 – HB 1044: Provides an exception to the prohibition on closed specification of products for construction of certain integrated coastal protection projects

ACT 374 – HB 1126: Clarifies that the Office of Risk Management and certain other insurance providers are exempt from the Louisiana Insurance Code

ACT 375 – HB 1146: Provides relative to the registration information required to be provided by sex offenders and the authority to disclose this information

ACT 376 – HB 1147: Provides relative to incorporation petitions

ACT 377 – HB 187: Authorizes an automobile expense allowance for the assessor in Lafayette Parish


Click here for a full list of bills signed into law for the 2016 Regular Legislative Session.