BATON ROUGE - Today, Governor John Bel Edwards announced that he signed the following bills into law:

ACT 378SB 140: Provides for the organization of the Department of Environmental Quality

ACT 379SB 199: Provides for prior approval by the commissioner of insurance for the merger of a domestic insurer or health maintenance organization

ACT 380SB 205: Provides relative to required sales of tobacco wholesale dealers

ACT 381SB 216: Creates the Louisiana Animal Shelter Registry

ACT 382SB 222: Provides that certain records in the custody of the Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors are exempt from the Public Records Law

ACT 383SB 224: Repeals provisions regarding parking violations on campus declared unconstitutional

ACT 384SB 236: Provides relative to admissions by emergency certificate of persons suffering from mental illness and substance abuse

ACT 385SB 238: Establishes procedure if immediate jeopardy violation is identified in a nursing home survey

ACT 386SB 255: Provides relative to sucessors of alcoholic beverage suppliers, importers, brokers, or wholesalers

ACT 387SB 320: Provides for designated seating in a courtroom

ACT 388SB 329: Increases the minimum GPA required for the Performance and Honors Awards

ACT 389SB 334: Repeals certain provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure declared unconstitutional

ACT 390SB 350: Increases the fee issuance of long-form birth certificates and death certificates

ACT 391SB 363: Provides relative to fees for filing a civil suit or proceeding in 24th Judicial District Court

ACT 392SB 382: Prohibits local governmental entities and other local governing authorities from regulating the registration, distribution, sale, or planting of seeds

ACT 393SB 391: Adds Livingston Parish president to the Coastal Louisiana Levee Consortium

ACT 394SB 444: Provides for placing "100% DAV" designation on Louisiana driver's license and special identification card

ACT 395SB 468: Prohibits establishments that sell alcoholic beverages from employing persons under twenty-one years of age for certain purposes

ACT 396SB 291: Provides for patient access to physical therapy services without a prescription or referral from a physician

ACT 397HB 245: Provides for methods of payment for debts owed to the office of motor vehicles

ACT 398HB 266: Prohibits certain questions regarding criminal history during the employment process for certain positions

ACT 399HB 590: Provides with respect to prior bad acts in domestic violence and cruelty to juveniles cases

ACT 400HB 785: Provides for the creation of neighborhood improvement and beautification districts in certain parishes

ACT 401HB 940: Requires that student identification cards issued by public postsecondary education institutions meet certain requirements

ACT 402HB 1002: Authorizes certain honorably discharged active-duty military personnel to receive benefits through the La. Military Family Assistance Fund

ACT 403HB 1042: Authorizes certain local and private entities to accept electronic payments for local charges

ACT 404SB 420: Requires BESE and the Dept. of Agriculture and Forestry to develop and implement a Farm to School Program

ACT 405SB 476: Requires health insurance coverage for temporomandibular joint disorders


Click here for a full list of bills signed into law for the 2016 Regular Legislative Session.