BATON ROUGE - Today, Governor John Bel Edwards announced that he signed the following bills into law:

ACT 13SB 32: Authorizes the city of Carencro to levy a sales and use tax

ACT 14SB 63: Removes the Chennault Aviation and Military Museum from the jurisdiction of the Department of State

ACT 15SB 110: Re-creates the Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism

ACT 16SB 139: Removes the Schepis Museum from the jurisdiction of the Department of State

ACT 18SB 174: Provides relative to the minimum ACT score for TOPS eligibility and TOPS award amounts

ACT 19HB 12: Provides that the state treasurer and the commissioner of administration, or their designees, serve as voting members of the Municipal Employees' Retirement System board of trustees

ACT 20HB 100: Redesignates a portion of United States Highway 165 in Grant Parish as the "Captain Ronald David Bennett Memorial Highway" 

ACT 21HB 109: Provides for issuance of multiple hang tags for persons with mobility impairments

ACT 22HB 110: Designates a bridge located on Louisiana Highway 154 in Bossier Parish as the "Officer Thomas LaValley Memorial Bridge"

ACT 23HB 120: Designates portions of certain highways in Vernon Parish

ACT 24HB 128: Adds requirements to qualify for a commissioned police officer special prestige license plate

ACT 25HB 236: Provides grace period in order to pay certain taxes and fees related to motor vehicles for persons separating from active duty military service

ACT 26HB 248: Provides relative to a certain special prestige license plate for motorcycles

ACT 28HB 468: Requires adult residential care providers to disseminate educational information on influenza

ACT 29HB 485: Provides for access to consumer reports by the Department of Children and Family Services for child support purposes 

ACT 30HB 519: Provides relative to the maintenance of electronic records by domestic insurers and to the maintenance of their records outside the state 

ACT 31HB 622: Authorizes the transfer of certain state property in Caddo Parish

ACT 32HB 782: Provides relative to certain definitions in the Insurance Code used in regulation of health insurance


Gov. Edwards previously signed the following bills into law:

Act 1 – SB 1: To designate a portion of LA Highway 14 in Calcasieu Parish as the "Louisiana State Trooper Steven Vincent Memorial Highway”

Act 2 – HB 273: Re-creates the Department of Insurance

Act 3 – HB 341: Provides relative to registration of discount medical plan organizations with the commissioner of insurance

Act 4 – HB 363: Provides that making certain false statements to the Property Insurance Association of Louisiana is a fraudulent insurance act

Act 5 – HB 515: Provides relative to the inspection of meat

Act 6 – HB 803: Corrects certain citations in the Insurance Code

ACT 7 – HB 179: Adds "blaze pink" as an alternative to the hunter orange requirements

ACT 8 – HB 194: Provides for exemption of expungement fees in certain circumstances

ACT 9 – HB 516: Provides relative to the Louisiana Aquatic Chelonian Research and Promotion Board

ACT 10 – HB 523: Provides relative to the Dairy Industry Promotion Law

ACT 11 – HB 588: Reduces the fee charged to the Department of Children and Family Services and district public defender's offices for each tax offset claim

ACT 12 – HB 592: Provides with respect to the Agricultural Commodities Dealer and Warehouse Law