BATON ROUGE - Today, Governor John Bel Edwards announced that he signed the following bills into law:

ACT 159SB 4: Provides for the frequency of meetings of the board of trustees.

ACT 160SB 14: Adds employees of the Chenier Plain Coastal Restoration and Protection Authority to the system membership.

ACT 161SB 15: Provides for exceptions from the retail seafood dealer's license.

ACT 162SB 27: Provides relative to motor vehicle rental insurers.

ACT 163SB 48: Authorizes the St. Mary Parish Council, the town of Berwick and Recreation District No. 3 to enter into a contract assigning to the town the obligation to provide service in the area of the district annexed by the town.

ACT 164SB 68: Provides relative to the Legislative Youth Advisory Council.

ACT 165SB 87: Designates interchange of I-10 with US 171 in Calcasieu Parish as "Louisiana State Master Trooper Stephen H. Gray Memorial Interchange".

ACT 166SB 126: Provides relative to payable on death accounts.

ACT 167SB 128: Provides relative to self-service storage facilities.

ACT 168SB 151: Repeals certain provisions declared unconstitutional that regard attorney fees in lawsuits filed against public officials.

ACT 169SB 159: Authorizes LTA to undertake state-designated priority "A" or "B" projects in Statewide Transportation Plan.

ACT 170SB 220: Provides for powers of the estate of a deceased or incompetent member of a limited liability company.

ACT 171SB 234: Provides relative to additional default remedies by certain debtors under certain secured transactions.

ACT 172SB 235: Provides relative to the status of private entities that contract with the Algiers Development District.

ACT 173SB 261: Authorizes two or more parishes to create a game and fish preserve when the preserve is located in multiple parishes.

ACT 174SB 266: Provides for licensing of insurance claims adjusters.

ACT 175SB 368: Provides relative to intrafamily adoptions.

ACT 176SB 372: Provides for actuarial notes on prefiled bills.

ACT 177SB 384: Provides relative to promotions in the Lafayette Police Department.

ACT 178SB 396: Provides relative to promotional seniority in the Lake Charles Police Department for officers who have been deployed.

ACT 179SB 404: Regulates unsolicited offers for the transfer and sale of mineral rights.

ACT 180SB 457: Authorizes the Avoyelles Parish School Board to levy and collect an additional sales tax, subject to voter approval. 


Click here for a full list of bills signed into law for the 2016 Regular Legislative Session.