BATON ROUGE - Today, Governor John Bel Edwards announced that he signed the following bills into law:

ACT 196SB 33: Prohibits the harvest, collection, sale, or transport of organs or body parts of aborted babies

ACT 197SB 95: Provides relative to evidence of compulsory motor vehicle Insurance

ACT 198SB 99: Provides relative to sales by minors engaging in business

ACT 199SB 104: Provides relative to credit for reinsurance for certain health, life, and annuity products

ACT 200SB 108: Provides relative to a deferred presentment or small loan transaction

ACT 201SB 152: Repeals provision that any person entering an alcoholic beverage outlet is deemed to consent to a search which was declared unconstitutional

ACT 202SB 185: Provides with respect to insurance premium finance companies

ACT 203SB 186: Discontinues the White Lake Property Advisory Board

ACT 204SB 203: Provides for certain penalties regarding the unauthorized practice of law

ACT 205SB 233: Provides relative to additional default remedies by certain debtors under certain secured transactions

ACT 206SB 258: Provides for coverage for refills for prescription eye drops

ACT 207SB 354: Provides relative to contracts of the DOTD

ACT 208HB 22: Establishes a funding deposit account for the Firefighters' Retirement System and authorizes the board of trustees of the system to modify required employer contribution rates in certain circumstances and within certain limits in order to fund the account

ACT 209 HB 24: Provides that a member of the Firefighters' Retirement System is not eligible for disability retirement benefits if his disability is indirectly a result of a preexisting condition

ACT 210HB 93: Revises language in the tutorship articles of the Civil Code

ACT 211HB 130: Provides for the disposal of certain misdemeanor records

ACT 212HB 142: Provides with respect to eligibility requirement for concealed carry permits

ACT 213HB 172: Provides with respect to credit for time served pending a technical parole violation

ACT 214HB 180: Provides with respect to probation violations

ACT 215HB 227: Provides relative to the crime of obstruction of justice

ACT 216HB 259: Provides relative to notice in child support actions

ACT 217HB 325: Repeals the provision in the Vital Records Law regarding allegations of paternity for child support purposes

ACT 218HB 330: Provides relative to the imputation of income when a parent is voluntarily unemployed or underemployed

ACT 219HB 332: Modifies the composition of the La. Crawfish Promotion and Research Board

ACT 220HB 336: Adds certain prohibitions relative to fraud by vendors or by the purchaser in the sale of certain food

ACT 221HB 347: Authorizes certain district courts to establish reentry courts

ACT 222HB 395: Provides relative to the calculation of adjusted gross income for child support

ACT 223HB 396: Provides relative to the membership of the child support review committee

ACT 224HB 547: Provides for the development of a uniform form for determining indigency of an accused person

ACT 225HB 582: Provides for the crime of aggravated assault upon a peace officer

ACT 226HB 862: Provides relative to the liability of certain persons for the actions of persons with developmental disabilities

ACT 227HB 956: Provides relative to mortgage and conveyance records

ACT 228HB 970: Provides relative to group insurance premiums for retirees of the Concordia Parish Sheriff's Office

ACT 229HB 1014: Provides relative to licensing within the Life Safety and Property Protection Licensing Act

ACT 230 – HB 1141: Provides relative to eligibility and requirements of the Veterans Court program


Click here for a full list of bills signed into law for the 2016 Regular Legislative Session.