BATON ROUGE - Today, Governor John Bel Edwards announced that he signed the following bills into law:

ACT 231HB 27: Provides with respect to payment of interest in certain cases of administrative error in Firefighters' Retirement System

ACT 232HB 76: Provides for functions of jury commissions in East Feliciana Parish and West Feliciana Parish

ACT 233HB 79: Provides relative to use of certain court funds in Thirty-Ninth Judicial District

ACT 234HB 97: Requires that state child protection toll-free hotline number be posted on website of every public school

ACT 235HB 118: Provides relative to salaries of firemen in city of Crowley

ACT 236HB 119: Provides relative to powers granted to chief of police for city of Rayne

ACT 237HB 127: Creates "United States Merchant Marine Academy" specialty license

ACT 238HB 129: Provides that positions of fire chief and assistant fire chief for Winn Parish Fire Protection District No. 3 are in unclassified service

ACT 239HB 136: Extends the collection of the special cost assessed in criminal cases for the district indigent defender fund

ACT 240HB 178: Re-creates Department of Wildlife and Fisheries

ACT 241HB 188: Adds alligator in Louisiana Catch and Cook Program

ACT 242HB 200: Provides relative to members of board of directors of Louisiana Energy and Power Authority

ACT 243HB 208: Provides relative to home service contract providers

ACT 244HB 213: Provides with respect to condominium associations

ACT 245HB 250: Provides relative to administration and regulation of underground utilities and facilities

ACT 246HB 267: Decreases criminal penalties for certain offenses involving drug paraphernalia

ACT 247HB 418: Provides relative to traffic control in city of New Orleans

ACT 248HB 424: Extends the cooperative endeavor program for use of the state's surface water resources

ACT 249HB 427: Provides with respect to use of judicial building fund for city courts

ACT 250HB 441: Provides relative to physician participation with Medicaid managed care organizations

ACT 251HB 472: Provides relative to Louisiana Architecture Education and Research Fund

ACT 252HB 480: Provides relative to practice of telemedicine in licensed healthcare facilities

ACT 253HB 484: Provides for provision of cash medical support when family receives support enforcement services

ACT 254HB 498: Institutes moratorium on new pediatric day health facility licenses

ACT 255HB 532: Provides relative to powers and authority of Louisiana State Board of Architectural Examiners

ACT 256HB 569: Provides relative to designated authorities for federal and state cooperation with provisions of Federal Meat Inspection Act and Federal Poultry Products Inspection Act

ACT 257HB 681: Provides relative to savings accounts

ACT 258HB 798: Provides for limited lines licensing to sell property coverage for property that is self-stored in self-storage facilities

ACT 259HB 804: Regulates real estate appraisers and appraisal management companies

ACT 260HB 855: Authorizes operation of golf carts on roadways within Lake Fausse Pointe State Park

ACT 261HB 924: Creates "Louisiana Energy State" prestige license plate

ACT 262HB 960: Provides relative to requirements imposed on temporary housing

ACT 263HB 967: Authorizes parish governing authorities to regulate livestock

ACT 264HB 1081: Provides for Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Abortion Act

ACT 265HB 1140: Prohibits certain contractual provisions in provider contracts with health insurance issuers


Click here for a full list of bills signed into law for the 2016 Regular Legislative Session.