ACT 150 – HB 333: Authorizes the secretary of the Dept. of Revenue to require the filing of electronic tax returns and the payment of taxes by electronic funds transfer

ACT 151 – HB 343:  Provides relative to termination of parental rights 

ACT 152 – HB 451: Provides relative to the Audubon Area Security District in Orleans Parish 

ACT 153 – HB 475: Provides that the removal of derelict crab traps coincide with the closure of crab season

ACT 154 – HB 503: Provides relative to the licensing of insurance producers

ACT 155 – HB 510: Designates a portion of Highway 1 in Alexandria as the "Deputy Marshal Glen Denning DeVanie Memorial Highway" 

ACT 156 – HB 576: Provides relative to the board of commissioners of Hospital Service District No. 1 of the parish of Pointe Coupee 

ACT 157 – HB 611: Designates a portion of I-49 North from I-220 to La. Highway 1 as the T.J. Hawkins, Craig E. Lear, Cooper Road USA Expressway

ACT 158 – HB 627: Provides relative to transcript fees charged by court reporters in the 14th Judicial District

ACT 159 – HB 643: Provides for license fees collected by the commissioner of insurance

ACT 160 – HB 674: Authorizes certain areas to be used for seafood research

ACT 161 – SB 36: Provides relative to the use of employment contracts in hospital service districts.

ACT 162 – SB 39: Provides relative to the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners

ACT 163 – SB 52: Provides relative to payment of group insurance for retired sheriffs and deputy sheriffs of the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff's Office

ACT 164 – SB 76:  Provides for venue in certain criminal cases.

ACT 165 – SB 111: Requires proof of identification from parents for an unemancipated minor child to obtain an abortion based upon parental consent and requires court-ordered counseling if it is suspected that the minor is a victim of criminal sexual exploitation

ACT 166 – SB 184: Provides for the removal of an offset or credit against uninsured motorist coverage when the carrier is insolvent.

ACT 167 – SB 200: Provides for an increase of members to the board of supervisors of the Livingston Parish Sewer District.

ACT 168 – SB 204: Authorizes St. John the Baptist Parish to name a library after Norris Butch Millet Sr

ACT 169 – SB 210: Provides for an increase of commissioners to the board of Gravity Drainage District No. 2 of Livingston Parish.

ACT 170 – SB 211: Creates the crime of engaging in life safety and property protection contracting without authority.

ACT 171 – SB 219: Provides relative to certain hospital service districts. 

ACT 172 – SB 234: Provides relative to conditions of providing a property bond for purposes of bail

ACT 173 – SB 236: Provides relative to clerks of court.

ACT 174 – SB 237: Provides relative to revenue bonds of the Lafayette Parish School Board.

ACT 175 – SB 238: Authorizes the town of Duson to levy and collect an additional sales and use tax

ACT 176 – HB 544: Makes revisions to the La. Election Code

ACT 177 – SB 212: Provides relative to peace officer training requirements.

ACT 178 – SB 5:  Provides relative to per diem for the Rapides Parish Sewerage District No. 2

ACT 179 – SB 34: Provides relative to emergency ground ambulance service providers.

ACT 180 – SB 41: Provides for the forfeiture of currency related to the commission of certain sex offenses

ACT 181 – SB 42: Creates the Louisiana Human Trafficking Prevention Commission and Advisory Board.

ACT 182 – SB 44: Provides relative to the sale of policies issued by the Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corporation

ACT 183 – SB 45: Provides relative to the definition of ocean marine insurance

ACT 184 – SB 64: Provides for animal shelter operating procedures and training requirements and authorizes animal shelters to post pictures of animals on a social media account or website.

ACT 185 – SB 103: Provides for approval of rules and regulations of a game and fish commission.

ACT 186 – SB 109: Provides for the suspension and extension of prescription and peremption due to 2016 flooding disaster

ACT 187 – SB 116: Provides for the Work Out Now: WON Louisiana Legislative Commission.

ACT 188 – SB 125: Authorizes the sale of certain property in Tensas Parish.

ACT 189 – SB 132: Provides an exception for portions of the Comite River, Pearl River, Tchefuncte River, Bogue Falaya River, Abita River, Amite River, and Bayou Manchac from provisions of the natural and scenic rivers program. 

ACT 190 – SB 143: Provides relative to sales, leases, and subleases of immovable property under the jurisdiction of the Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism.

ACT 191 – SB 199: Allows the sharing of equipment between public entities. 

ACT 192 – HB 13: Provides relative to the Pointe Coupee Parish library

ACT 193 – HB 44: Provides relative to district court's and juvenile court's jurisdiction over adults in criminal proceedings

ACT 194 – HB 70: Provides relative to the classified fire service in the cities of Baton Rouge, Bossier City, and Lafayette and Fire Protection District No. 2 of Ward 4 of Calcasieu Parish

ACT 195 – HB 82: Provides relative to the powers, duties, and responsibilities of the Louisiana Public Defender Board

ACT 196 – HB 110: Provides relative to the procedure for designating certain crimes in the court minutes as crimes of violence

ACT 197 – HB 115: Provides for the continuous revision of community property laws

ACT 198 – HB 121: Provides relative to a detailed descriptive list in an independent administration of estates

ACT 199 – HB 144: Provides for real property interests for integrated coastal restoration projects

ACT 200 – HB 150: Provides relative to the name of the South St. Landry Community Library District

ACT 201 – HB 160: Provides relative to voting by a person who has a disability

ACT 202 – HB 164: Provides for the abolition of the office of police chief and the police department for the town of Stonewall

ACT 203 – HB 176: Eliminates the cap on the funding formula for voluntary parish councils on aging

ACT 204 – HB 178: Provides that certain educator provider programs are not proprietary schools and thus not subject to licensing by the Board of Regents

ACT 205 – HB 219: Provides relative to the discharge of bail obligations

ACT 206 – HB 237: Extends the sunset for the Enterprise Zone Program

ACT 207 – HB 242: Requires the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education and local public school boards to send certain information relative to independent evaluations of charter proposals to charter applicants

ACT 208 – HB 260: Repeals provisions for the Grant Parish Economic and Industrial Development District

ACT 209 – HB 264: Specifies the types of construction contracts eligible for exclusion from the levy of a new state or local sales and use tax

ACT 210 – HB 277: Provides relative to training of peace officers

ACT 211 – HB 307: Requires a tax clearance from the Dept. of Revenue for certain licenses, permits, tax resale certificates, and state contracts

ACT 212 – HB 315: Provides relative to the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law

ACT 213 – HB 318: Provides free parking for disabled veterans at airports

ACT 214 – HB 323: Provides with respect to the operation of charitable bingo

ACT 215 – HB 377: Requires the Jefferson Council on Aging to provide certain levels of services at specified community and senior centers

ACT 216 – HB 379: Authorizes the Regional Transit Authority to solicit and enter into public-private partnership contracts

ACT 217 – HB 382: Excludes Lawrason Act municipalities from certain provisions of the Local Government Budget Act

ACT 218 – HB 389: Authorizes the commissioner of conservation of the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources to enforce the La. Underground Utilities and Facilities Damage Prevention (OneCall) law as it applies to pipelines

ACT 219 – HB 393: Provides for the elimination of contents coverage on residential properties following a declared disaster

ACT 220 – HB 436: Requires drug manufacturers to provide information regarding prescription drug prices

ACT 221 – HB 471: Provides relative to manufactured and modular housing

ACT 222 – HB 474: Authorizes the issuance of an alternative oyster culture permit to a person holding an oyster lease on a privately owned water bottom

ACT 223 – HB 508: Authorizes a fee for the transfer of film tax credits

ACT 224 – HB 517: Requires the state superintendent of education to report specified information annually pertaining to each public school, including charter schools

ACT 225 – HB 542: Provides for travel insurance

ACT 226 – HB 554: Provides relative to public procurement methods

ACT 227 – HB 556: Provides relative to sick leave granted to school bus operators, teachers, and other public school employees in certain instances

ACT 228 – HB 608: Allows the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to manage, regulate, and conserve flora in addition to fauna

ACT 229 – HB 617: Provides relative to District Five Road Commission of St. Landry Parish and District Six Road Commission of St. Landry Parish

ACT 230 – HB 660: Requires identification lettering on all school buses used to transport students to public schools in Orleans Parish

ACT 231 – HB 675: Requires contractors to provide certain license, classification, and insurance information

ACT 232 – SB 43:  Provides relative to compensation and distribution of costs of justices of the peace and constables. 

ACT 233 – SB 23: Designates the new bridge across Goose Bayou on LA 45 in Jefferson Parish as the "Jules Nunez Bridge"ACT 234 – SB 37:

ACT 234 – SB 37:  Provides relative to the Louisiana State Board of Examiners of Psychologists

ACT 235 – SB 38:   Provides with respect to mental health counselors

ACT 236 – SB 59:  Provides relative to prescription drug price information.

ACT 237 – SB 66: Provides relative to the Children's Cabinet and the Child Poverty Prevention Council of Louisiana. 

ACT 238 – SB 69: Provides for the exclusive regulation of drones by the state. 

ACT 239 – SB 81:  Provides for curatorship. 

ACT 240 – SB 90:  Provides relative to scholarships for children of certain law enforcement officers and other investigative employees killed or permanently disabled in the line of duty. 

ACT 241 – SB 96:  Provides relative to the prescription monitoring program.

ACT 242 – SB 99: Provides relative to the St. Tammany Parish Development District.

ACT 243 – SB 128:   Prohibits cutting, resection, excision, harvesting, or removal of a body part, organ, or tissue of an aborted unborn child for sale, commerce, transport, research, or profit

ACT 244 – SB 129: Provides relative to indemnity for right and servitude of passage on certain waterways

ACT 245 – SB 150: Provides for the Ports of Louisiana tax credits.

ACT 246 – SB 151:  Provides for the Emergency Management Assistance Compact.

ACT 247 – SB 154: Requires posting notification of mobile speed camera location.

ACT 248 – SB 163:  Provides an exemption from the requirement that state prisons purchase goods from Prison Enterprises, if the goods can be purchased for less in the parish in which the facility is located.

ACT 249 – SB 164: Provides the procedures for the sale of certain school lands by a school board.

ACT 250 – SB 190: Provides relative to the provision of transition courses to high school seniors who are not college ready. 

ACT 251 – SB 193: Provides relative to certificate renewals by the Louisiana State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors.

ACT 252 – SB 195:  Provides relative to the suspension of racing privileges.

ACT 253 – SB 215:  Provides relative to the enrollment procedures of certain charter schools.

ACT 254 – SB 216:  Provides for physician assistants executing emergency certificates relative to alleged mental illness or substance abuse.

ACT 255 – SB 217:  Increases the number of continuing education hours for chiropractors.

ACT 256 – SB 255: Provides relative to health-related policies established by certain early learning centers.

ACT 257 – SB 146: Provides relative to the Habitual Offender Law.