Baton Rouge - Today, Governors John Bel Edwards (D-LA), Nathan Deal (R-GA), Roy Cooper (D-NC), Henry McMaster (R-SC) and Jim Justice (D-WV) sent a bipartisan letter to U.S. House and U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee leaders requesting that Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) disaster funding be included in the Continuing Resolution (CR) being considered by Congress. Combined, the states are requesting approximately $3.6 billion in funding from disasters.

“As Governors of five states hit with catastrophic disasters within the last year, we write to request the inclusion of disaster relief funding in the upcoming Continuing Resolution to be considered by Congress,” the governors said in the letter. “There is an urgent need to provide relief for the families and individuals who have been impacted and the help of the federal government is critical. For families and communities across this country working to rebuild from these disasters, the recovery timeline does not wait for congressional appropriations or the federal funding process.  In each of our states, our people need your assistance today.”

In Louisiana, Gov. Edwards is requesting an additional $2.08 billion in funding following an initial appropriation of approximately $1.6 billion. South Carolina, recovering from severe weather in 2015 and Hurricane Matthew in 2016 is requesting an additional $220 million. Funding needs for North Carolina, which was devastated by Hurricane Matthew, exceed $900 million. In Georgia, where the state suffered the devastating impacts of two presidentially declared federal disasters within just three weeks, Gov. Deal is requesting an additional $200 million. In June 2016, West Virginia suffered a 1000 year flood and is requesting an additional $461 million. 

The complete letter from the governors is available by clicking here.