Baton Rouge - Today, Gov. John Bel Edwards released a letter in response to the state education plan proposed by Education Superintendent John White.

“Unfortunately, I believe that the state plan provided by Superintendent White represents an incomplete vision for Louisiana,” said Gov. Edwards. “Furthermore, after meeting in good faith with Supt. White this week and discussing his proposal, I am extremely disappointed in his recent comments about school leaders. These educators are willing to work with the department to develop the very best plan for all of our students. The plan he has provided is in critical need of additional information and the inclusion of stakeholder priorities. These issues must be addressed before our plan is submitted to the U.S. Department of Education (DOE). We should be able to work out our differences by talking openly and honestly in order to find common ground, but it becomes even more challenging when that process is undermined by divisive statements.”

As Gov. Edwards outlined in the letter, he has many areas of concern with the current version of Superintendent White’s plan, including the amount of standardized testing students are subjected to, the Title One funding distribution formula and the lack of meaningful input by education stakeholders, which is required by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). 

Gov. Edwards is urging Superintendent White to join leaders from more than half the states in the country who have decided to delay submission of their plans to the U.S. DOE until mid-September.   

Read the full letter here.