Today, Gov. John Bel Edwards released the following statement in support of House Bill 1 as amended by the Senate Finance Committee.  The budget, as proposed by Senator Eric LaFleur, Chairman of Senate Finance, restores funding for critical state services while making responsible cuts in state spending.

“After hours of agency input and public testimony, the Senate Finance Committee has crafted an appropriate spending plan that better funds the state’s priorities, such as children and family services, health care and TOPS, while also making meaningful cuts in state spending,” said Gov. Edwards.  “Make no mistake, this budget will still impose painful spending cuts, but it does so in way that won’t overly burden citizens of the state.  If this budget makes its way through the process, the need for a special session this summer will be greatly diminished.  I appreciate the hard work that the Senate Finance Committee put into developing this plan, and I look forward to working with the legislature to move this plan through the process before this session adjourns.”