Today, Gov. John Bel Edwards announced that he signed the following bills into law from the 2018 Regular Legislative Session:


ACT 612 – SB 400 Provides for certain funds in the state treasury and the powers, duties, functions, and responsibilities of the Dedicated Fund Review Subcommittee of the Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget.

ACT 613 – HB 13 Provides relative to the reemployment of retirees of the Teachers' Retirement System of Louisiana.

ACT 614 – HB 19 Provides for the annual amount of retirement allowance for members of the Registrars of Voters Employees' Retirement System.

ACT 615 – HB 36 Provides for the membership of the Louisiana Deferred Compensation Commission.

ACT 616 – HB 86 Provides an ethics exception to allow governing authority members and employees of a political subdivision or special district that operates parks and recreation facilities and the immediate family members of such persons to rent a facility for an event subject to certain conditions.

ACT 617 – HB 107 Provides with respect to financial security for survivors of federal law enforcement officers.

ACT 618 – HB 130 Provides for the establishment of airboat trails on wildlife management areas.

ACT 619 – HB 144 Creates the Louisiana Jobs Now Fund for the purpose of funding postsecondary education degree and certificate production in high-demand fields.

ACT 620 – HB 146 Defines "economic development project" for purposes of a late approval recommendation from the secretary of the Dept. of Economic Development.

ACT 621 – HB 160 Provides relative to death investigation documents.

ACT 622 – HB 306 Provides relative to foreign language immersion programs in public schools.

ACT 623 – HB 372 Establishes the Occupational Board Compliance Act.

ACT 624 – HB 375 Changes eligibility requirements for the Quality Jobs Program for employers in parishes with relatively low per capita income.

ACT 625 – HB 403 Provides relative to membership on the Capital Area Groundwater Conservation District board of commissioners.

ACT 626 – HB 445 Provides relative to the Louisiana Licensed Professional Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors Board of Examiners.

ACT 627 – HB 454 Requires the division of administration to establish, maintain, and make public, a list of unpaid outstanding final tort judgments against the state.

ACT 628 – HB 549 Registration of non-motorized house boats.

ACT 629 – HB 602 Provides relative to the carrying of a concealed handgun at a school.

ACT 630 – HB 612 Provides relative to the observation or filming of a person and the disclosure of certain images of a person.

ACT 631 – HB 625 Provides relative to maternity and adoptive leave for teachers.

ACT 632 – HB 633 Provides relative to testing for lead in drinking water.

ACT 633 – HB 634 Requires notification by bed and breakfast businesses that rooms are under film surveillance.

ACT 634 – HB 796 Provides relative to the certification and employment in schools of certain persons convicted of felony offenses and the assessment of civil fines against public school boards who hire certain persons.

ACT 635 – HB 78 Amends penalties relative to the crime of hazing.

ACT 636 – HB 265 Provides relative to registration and voting by a person convicted of a felony.

ACT 637 – HB 446 Provides relative to the failure to seek medical assistance when reckless behavior results in serious bodily injury.

ACT 638 – HB 674 Provides relative to motor vehicles and auto hulk sold as scrap for dismantling.

ACT 639 – HB 676 Creates the Early Childhood Care and Education Commission and pilot programs for community early childhood care and education networks.

ACT 640 – HB 793 Requires reporting, policies, and education on hazing.

ACT 641 – HB 895 Provides for instruction on threats to school safety in public schools and public postsecondary education institutions.

ACT 642 – HB 379 Provides for the transfer, deposit, and use of certain treasury funds.

ACT 643 – SB 2 Authorizes payments funded by the system experience account to certain retirees and beneficiaries.

ACT 644 – SB 27 Provides relative to the Medicaid Pharmaceutical and Therapeutics Committee.

ACT 645 – SB 73 Provides relative to Fetal Organ Whistleblower Account.

ACT 646 – SB 89 Provides relative to the composition of charter school boards in certain parishes.

ACT 647 – SB 114 Provides relative to the Military Service Relief Act.

ACT 648 – SB 119 Provides relative to confidentiality of certain taxpayer information concerning Medicaid eligibility.

ACT 649 – SB 129 Provides relative to foster care children in high school.

ACT 650 – SB 165 Re-creates the Department of State and the statutory entities made a part of the department by law.

ACT 651 – SB 182 Provides relative to the Medicaid Subcommittee of the Health and Social Services Estimating Conference.

ACT 652 – SB 204 Provides relative to caller ID spoofing.

ACT 653 – SB 220 Provides relative to capital outlay oversight process.

ACT 654 – SB 248 Revises definition of "children" in the Children's Code.

ACT 655 – SB 260 Provides relative to disciplinary hearings by professional and occupational licensing boards and commissions.

ACT 656 – SB 261 Provides for certain insurance benefits for firemen and law enforcement officers who suffer a catastrophic injury resulting in permanent and total disability caused by an individual with the specific intent to kill an officer while the fireman or officer is engaged in the performance of his official duties.

ACT 657 – SB 270 Provides relative to withdrawal of candidates.

ACT 658 – SB 273 Provides relative to appellate panels.

ACT 659 – SB 289 Provides relative to the special assessment level for, and exemptions for disabled veterans and their spouses, and for surviving spouses of military personnel, law enforcement and fire protection officers, and first responders from, ad valorem tax purposes on homesteads when naked ownership is in trust.

ACT 660 – SB 310 Provides relative to the collection and reporting of certain data regarding students with exceptionalities.

ACT 661 – SB 319  Abolishes boards and commissions, authorities, districts, and like entities that are inactive.

ACT 662 – SB 332 Requires district offices of the Department of Transportation and Development to publish on the internet information regarding construction and maintenance work within the district.

ACT 663 – SB 335 Provides for penalties for persons convicted for soliciting prostitutes.

ACT 664 – SB 342 Provides for modifications to the standstill budget to include means of finance substitutions for discretionary and nondiscretionary requirements.

ACT 665 – SB 347 Provides relative to funding for waiver services for individuals with developmental disabilities.

ACT 666 – SB 364 Provides relative to free expression on college campuses.

ACT 667 – SB 373 Provides for the required reporting of certain revenue, exemptions, credits, rebates in the tax exemption budget and on LaTrac.

ACT 668 – SB 389 Provides relative to felony probation.

ACT 669 – SB 391 Requires certain state agencies to install internet filters to block content which is sexually explicit, pornographic, or sexually harassing.

ACT 670 – SB 410 Provides relative to early release of offenders for "good time" and parole.

ACT 671 – SB 452 Changes certain TOPS initial eligibility requirements and provides relative to the sharing of certain student data.

ACT 672 – SB 464 Provides relative to death certificates.

ACT 673 – SB 512 Provides relative to school employee participation in student-initiated prayer.

ACT 674 – SB 534 Defines abortion and feticide as "crimes of violence".

ACT 675 – SB 549 Provides for military surplus motor vehicles.

ACT 676 – SB 554 Provides with respect to the Office of Group Benefits.


Gov. Edwards vetoed the following bills:

HB 845 - Provides relative to enforcement of unfair sales of motor fuel.

HB 855 - Provides for end-market uses of waste tires and waste tire material and repeals the Waste Tire Program Task Force.