Baton Rouge - Today, Gov. John Bel Edwards announced that he signed into law HB 3, the budget bill passed during the recent special session. The governor used his executive authority to line item veto a $246,801 reduction from the Public Service Commission due to insufficient funds in the account, which only has a balance of about $500.

“We all knew that passing a budget bill to close a $304 million mid-year deficit would be challenging, but we managed to come together and find a solution that met my key priorities without adversely impacting higher education, k-12 education, public safety, children and family services or our partner hospitals,” said Gov. Edwards. “That means the process worked and we have a lot to be proud about. However, I did have to line item veto one of the cuts in HB 3 due to non-existing funds, which serves as further proof that we would all be better served if the leaders in the House would discuss potential cuts with agencies and commissions before proposing unworkable solutions out of the gate.”

Click here to read Act 1 and the governor’s veto memo.

Today, the governor also signed HB 7 into law making it Act 2 of the recent special session.