Baton Rouge - Today, Gov. John Bel Edwards released the following statement on the decision from the Office of Community Development to request cancellation the state’s RFP in the Restore Louisiana Homeowner Assistance Program and to issue a Solicitation for Offers under an expedited procurement process, requesting a new set of proposals. This decision will not delay the state’s ability to open up the federally-funded homeowner assistance program when the federal government releases the funds to the state. That is expected to happen sometime in April.

“Our primary goal is to get assistance to the people of Louisiana as quickly as possible under the federal recovery funding process and at a reasonable cost to the taxpayers,” said Gov. Edwards. “The decision to request a new, expedited a new procurement process should not delay getting assistance to homeowners impacted by the floods. To date, Louisiana has not received the funding we secured from Congress. Under the terms of this expedited procurement process, the new selection should be completed at nearly the same time the funds arrive to the state, and I am confident taxpayers will come out of this process better than before.”