BATON ROUGE, La. – Today, Gov. John Bel Edwards issued a statement on Louisiana reaching the lowest unemployment rate in state history.  

Gov. Edwards said: 

"Today, Louisiana has the lowest unemployment rate in our state’s history at 3.8 percent. More Louisianans are employed than ever before. This is a testament to the hard bipartisan work we have done to grow, diversify, and invest in our economy. Even more so, it speaks to the incredible talent and strong work ethic of our people who have weathered floods, hurricanes, and a global pandemic and have come out stronger. We know that the best tool for a family to fight the pressures of inflation is a good-paying job. This is a great time for Louisianans who are looking to start a new career or find a new opportunity with better pay. I want to encourage the people of Louisiana to reach out to the Louisiana Workforce Commission for assistance and to look at what opportunities might be available in their communities."

For more information on Louisiana’s historically strong economic data, read the Louisiana Workforce Commission’s press release.