Governor Jeff Landry has assembled a team of leaders to help guide the work of his office as it serves the people of Louisiana.



Chief of Staff’s Office

  • Kyle Ruckert

        Chief of Staff, Governor Landry

  • Amanda Williams

        Executive Assistant to the Chief of Staff


Deputy Chief of Staff

  • Andree Miller

        Deputy Chief of Staff


Special Assistants to the Governor

  • Hunt Raborn

        Special Assistant


Communications and Press

  • Kate Kelly

        Communications Director

  • Ashley Bosch

        Digital Director

  • Elizabeth Crochet

        Press Secretary

  • Peyton Conlin

        Press Secretary – Programs & Planning

  • Olivia Uchello

        Press Assistant


Office of Intergovernmental Affairs

  • Kyle Ardoin

        Director of Intergovernmental Affairs & Rural Development

  • JT Hannan 

        Southeast Director – Intergovernmental Affairs


Constituent Services

  • Dana Brignac

        Director of Constituent Services

  • Jeannie Weise

        Constituent Services Representative

  • Ann Diggs

        Special Assistant to the Governor – Constituent Services



  • Angelique Freel

        Executive Counsel

  • Emily Andrews

        Special Counsel

  • Jeffrey Wale

        Deputy Executive Counsel

  • Christopher Walters

        Deputy Executive Counsel

  • Monica Reed

        Executive Assistant to the Legal Team


Legislative Affairs

  • Lance Maxwell

        Legislative Director

  • Amanda Larkins

        Sr. Legislative Affairs Specialist  

  • Richard Brazan

        Legislative Liaison

  • Bodi White

        Legislative Liaison

  • Hannah Fontenot

        Legislative Analyst 


  • Millard Mulé

        Policy Director

  • John Kay

        Policy Director

  • Austin Lewis

        Policy Director

  • Stephen Swiber

        Policy Advisor


Programs and Planning

  • Monica Taylor

        Director of Human Trafficking

  • Mary Kate Andrepont

        Deputy Director of Human Trafficking

  • RiKeisha Spikes

        Program Manager of Human Trafficking 

  • Dr. Shayla Polk

        Executive Director – Office of Drug Policy

  • Chandler Vidrine

        Executive Director-Indian Affairs and Governor's Success Council

  • Ashlé Young

        Executive Director - LYFE

  • Tressa Dunbar

        Program Manager - LYFE

  • Dr. Leah Raby

        Director of Human Rights

  • Christa Davis

        Executive Assistant of Human Rights

  • LeTricia Burns

        Administrative Assistant of Human Rights

  • Ursula Anderson

        Executive Director – Louisiana Children’s Trust Fund

  • Bambi Polotzola

        Executive Director – Office of Disability Affairs

  • Jolie Williamson

        Executive Director – Children’s Cabinet

  • Michele Rabalais

        Administrative Assistant – Children’s Cabinet & Louisiana Children’s Trust Fund


Governor’s Office of Coastal Activities

  • Gordy Dove

        Executive Assistant to the Governor of Coastal Activities

  • Enger Kinchen

        Administrative Staff Officer

 **Additional staff members will be added beginning Feb. 19th


Boards and Commissions

  • Ryan Roberts

        Director of Boards and Commissions

  • Sherry Lassere

        Deputy Director of Boards and Commissions


First Lady Administration

  • Elise Cazes

        Chief of Staff, First Lady and Administration

  • Sarah Mule

        Director of Scheduling

  • Mellissa Gannuch

        Director, Administration

  • Kristi Morehead

        Manager, Administration

  • Joe Coniglio

        Manager, Governor's Mansion

  • Emmie Addamus

        Director of Communications & Outreach, First Lady