The Office of Drug Policy seeks to elicit, motivate and coordinate Louisiana organizations, agencies, entities and individuals toward the goal of eradicating drug and alcohol abuse in Louisiana.

The Office of Drug Policy identifies challenges and provides solutions to address substance misuse and abuse and to make recommendations to the governor and state agencies regarding programs, policies and practices that support and sustain prevention, treatment and enforcement efforts.

Vision: To recognize that alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse is a serious social and public health issue that when addressed will create a climate of healthiness and community wellness for all of Louisiana.

Creating a Prevention Infrastructure

The Drug Policy Board was created through legislation in 1990 to address substance abuse prevention, treatment and enforcement. The board supports prevention efforts, specifically the Louisiana Partnerships for Success (LaPFS). The State Epidemiology Workgroup and the Prevention Systems Committee were formed as subcommittees of the Drug Policy Board using the Strategic Prevention Framework-State Incentive Grant.

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Through this funding and experience, Louisiana has developed a substance abuse prevention system and state infrastructure that supports communities addressing substance abuse locally. This state infrastructure will support the local efforts of high-need communities to address underage drinking and prescription drug misuse and abuse.

DWI- Task Force

Address the high incidence of driving while intoxicated from alcohol or under the influence of drugs Coordinate data collection and analysis on DWI conviction rates and analyze data trends related to alcohol and other drug-involved fatal or serious injury crashes Identify and implement effective DWI countermeasures, such as substance abuse assessment/treatment, DWI offender assessment, electronic monitoring, vehicle interlocks, strict sanctions for repeat offenders, reducing access and availability of alcohol to underage persons, in order to reduce impaired driving

HOPE Council (Heroin and Opiod Prevention and Education)

The Council is an advisory board that will establish an Interagency Heroin and Opioid Coordination Plan, coordinate parish-level data on opioid overdoses and usage of overdose-reversal medication (Naloxone), and will coordinate a central online location to disseminate information and resources, including the Interagency Heroin and Opioid Coordination Plan.

The Louisiana Substance Abuse Prevention Strategic Plan is a comprehensive and clear five-year strategic plan that outlines the goals and objectives identified to support and enhance the ongoing efforts to reduce substance abuse throughout the State. Members of the PSC and SEW made significant updates to continue focus on the priorities first identified in the 2013-2017 Strategic Plan. The State has a robust substance abuse prevention system and infrastructure with a cohort of professionals that are equipped to support and address the needs of Louisiana’s local communities as it relates to substance use trends.

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The Prevention Systems Committee (PSC) is a state level advisory committee of the Drug Policy Board. The purpose of this committee is to make recommendations regarding effective programs, policies and practices regarding resource and capacity issues, as well as develop a framework to build an advocacy network for prevention.

The State Epidemiology Workgroup (SEW) is a state level advisory committee of the Drug Policy Board. The purpose of the committee is to advise and make recommendations on issues relating to collecting, housing, analyzing, and reporting consumption and consequence data related to substance use.

SEW Online Data System

The Louisiana SEW Online Data System is a valuable tool for providing data to prevention professionals that would otherwise not have access to data. It was developed by a SEW support contractor, Bach Harrison, LLC specifically for use by prevention professionals. The online data system greatly expands the ability of prevention stakeholders and professionals to utilize data for planning, monitoring and evaluation purposes. It allows state and community planners to view as well as download prevention-related indicators at the parish, regional and state levels. Finally, the SEW Online Data System provides access to other useful SEW products including a series of data briefs that highlight data related to hot topics in the substance abuse prevention and health promotion field.

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Louisiana Partnerships for Success

Louisiana Partnerships for Success (LaPFS) is grounded in the rich racially, culturally and economically diverse population, while effectively addressing major challenges in substance abuse and mental health. LaPFS initiatives target the reduction in underage drinking and prescription drug misuse and abuse.


  • To prevent the onset and reduce the progression of underage drinking, prescription drug misuse and depression
  • To reduce short-term and long-term consequences of underage drinking, prescription drug misuse and depression
  • To eliminate disparities in underage drinking, prescription drug misuse and depression
  • To strengthen and sustain prevention capacity/infrastructure at the state and community levels
  • To leverage, redirect and align statewide funding streams and resources for prevention

Prevention Priorities:

  • Underage drinking among 12-20 year olds
  • Prescription drug misuse/abuse among 12-25 year olds


If you have questions or concerns related to drug policy in Louisiana, please contact one of the staff members listed above by email or phone. We welcome your comments and ideas for making positive change in our state. 



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