The Louisiana Governor's Office of Elderly Affairs (GOEA) was created in 1956 as the Commission on Aging by the Louisiana Legislature to act as the state's visible advocate and focal point for all matters pertaining to the aging population. Legislation enacted in 1995 mandated that as far as practical and consistent with the efficient administration of state government, programs and services for the elderly population of Louisiana would eventually be consolidated within the GOEA. Further, it was the intent of the Legislature that the GOEA administer all federal funds appropriated, allocated, or otherwise made available to the state for services to the elderly. Since 1964, GOEA developed an extensive network of quasi-governmental agencies recognized as the Aging Service Network. This network consists of the 64 Parish Councils on Aging (COA), 36 Area Agencies on Aging (AAA), 139 Senior Centers, University Centers, Advocacy and Service Organizations, the Senior Corps (Foster Grandparents, Senior Companion, Retired Senior Volunteer Program), the state Senior Employment Program (Title V). GOEA also networks with local community service organizations, volunteers, and a wide variety, programs and services dedicated to supporting its mission.


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